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Sheriff Jon Hebert
Carroll County Sheriff's Office
I use the inner circle analysis in the first round of subpoena returns to jump start our investigation. The inner circle analysis takes thousands of calls from one target and through implied link analysis points the investigators to the most probable group of individuals working together. This allows our investigators to focus their attention early in the case on solid leads.

The most important feature of any analytical software is to be able to assimilate a high volume of data received quickly and then provide fast reliable leads with ease. THREADS™ accomplishes these goals.

One of my projects is to monitor the records from our county jail to generate strategic leads to our investigators. Typically we encounter people attempting to smuggle contraband into the facility. It is routine for us to find evidence of violations of protection and bail orders. The software program we used was very good; however, it was extremely difficult to load. Hours of prep work needed to be completed on records to change the format to match the limited input options. I have deployed THREADS™ on this project and agreed to beta test the software as I saw the potential THREADS™ had. I am pleased to report that each month I receive the records from the jail and I can load the entire data set in 10 minutes or less. What used to take hours can now be done in minutes.
THREADS™ has helped show us links between people using the entity linkage chart from cell phone records. This has provided new avenues to search and investigate.

THREADS™ case manager has provided me with a great tool to see at a glance what leads are still outstanding and what still needs to be followed up on.
Det. Michael J. Pusatere
Major Case Unit
Palm Bay Police Department
Whats New?
Release of an automated importer for the Cellebrite UFED into THREADS™. The importer and analytical capabilities were introduced at the 2009 Mobile Forensics World show in Chicago. The UFED is one of the leading forensic extraction devices in the market, supporting over 95% of all cell phones.
Cell Forensics
June 01, 2009
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