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Dawn Sterling, Crime Analyst
Major Case Unit
Palm Bay Police Department
THREADS™ is an excellent tool for phone records. Investigating phone records once took days or weeks to do. Now with THREADS™ it takes minutes.
I would like to take an opportunity to thank you for introducing us to the THREADS™ system. THREADS™ has been an incredible asset to our unit. We investigate street level armed robberies, carjackings, stabbing and other violent crimes and we have found that with THREADS™ we are able to find individuals faster as well as find direct links between suspects and their co-conspirators. We have found that using the THREADS™ system has enabled us to gather intelligence data, sort it and then easily and quickly analyze it for future use.

Before we began utilizing the THREADS™ system, we had multiple piles of paper, disks and other files and we had no viable way to organize the data to use it later. THREADS™ not only sorts the data for us, but it does much more.

We have had multiple cases that without THREADS™ would not have been solved. In some cases THREADS™ has put us back on the "right path" where without it, the leads would be exhausted and the case would be closed. THREADS™ has been an asset to our unit and we look forward to using it as we believe it gets better as more data is entered into the system.
Det. James Gill
Investigative Services Team
Baltimore County Police Department
Whats New?
Partnership with Securus Technologies out of Dallas, Texas to provide analytics to their SCP platform.
Inmate Phone Analysis
March 01, 2011
Sample of THREADS™ Users
Bureau of Prisons
Easton MD
Police Department
Carroll County SO
Sheriff's Office
Police Department
US Army