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Inmate Phone Analysis
March 01, 2011
Partnership with Securus Technologies out of Dallas, Texas to provide analytics to their SCP platform.
Release 1.5 includes updates to the analytics and expanded import tools for cell forensics and toll records.
THREADS™ Version 1.5
January 12, 2011
Cell Forensics
June 01, 2009
Release of an automated importer for the Cellebrite UFED into THREADS™. The importer and analytical capabilities were introduced at the 2009 Mobile Forensics World show in Chicago. The UFED is one of the leading forensic extraction devices in the market, supporting over 95% of all cell phones.
Kimberly-Clark purchases THREADS™ for internal investigations, extending the range of THREADS™ markets to include the private sector.
New Market
November 01, 2008
Customer Base Expands
June 13, 2008
Dept. of State, Maryland State Police, FBI, and a large New York police force are now running investigations on THREADS™.
Proven Effective
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Sheriff Jon Hebert
Carroll County Sheriff's Office
Sample of THREADS™ Users
Westchester County PD
Police Department
Kent County
Drug Task Force
DOD Cyber Security
Police Department
Baltimore PD
Police Department