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Expose ConspiraciesSolve Cold CasesAvoid Dead-Ends
Lead Generation
Lead Generation
Not All Leads Are Created Equal
When you're working on a case, any connection can seem potentially meaningful and investigators can waste a lot of time chasing down unproductive paths.

With THREADS™, investigators can identify the suspects, marshal the evidence, and close the case. Time-intensive work can now be quickly performed by investigators, providing law enforcement organizations with more options and greater capabilities.

Not all leads are created equal - and neither are all investigative solutions.
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Let us show you how THREADS™ can help your agency in its investigations. We can provide you with fully-functional trial copies of THREADS™ to try on your case data.
Expose ConspiraciesSolve Cold CasesAvoid Dead-Ends
THREADS™ analyzes all communications records, uncovers hidden relationships, and spots conspiracies.
  • Find the Inner Circle
  • Determine "pecking order"
Use THREADS™ to find new leads in a cold case. The Cold Case Research Institute has chosen THREADS as tool of choice.
  • Find new leads from old data
  • Highlight significant connections
THREADS™ shows you the most promising leads early in a case. Focused leads save time and resources.
  • Analyze data, not just sorting
  • Alleviate "data overload"