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Expose Conspiracies
THREADS™ Reveals Serial-Burglary Conspiracy
With use of exclusive phone analytical techniques of Inner Circle and Sequence Analysis in THREADS™, a list of several hundred potential suspects was automatically pared down to five key co-conspirators in a multi-state, serial burglary case. This information, when combined with THREADS™ advanced timeline, provided the case investigator with a clear picture of significant communication patterns associated with the timing of each burglary.

The success of THREADS™ in the burglary case prompted this state agency to apply this conspiracy analysis to several new cases including a current drug organization/homicide.
THREADS Exclusive
THREADS™ Advantages
  • Find Inner Circle of associates
  • Determine "Pecking Order" of a group
  • Obtain "Conspiracy Index"
  • Visualize what you DON'T already know
Proven Effective
QuoteI use the inner circle analysis ... to jump start our investigation.Quote
Sheriff Jon Hebert
Carroll County Sheriff's Office
Proprietary Techniques
THREADS™ provides exclusive, proprietary techniques developed by seasoned investigators. The results go far beyond the usual first-level analysis provided by other analytical products.