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Solve Cold Cases
THREADS™ Finds "Hot" Lead on an FBI Cold Case
On a federal case that had gone cold for more than four months, THREADS™ was instrumental in producing a new, significant suspect. This was accomplished through the use of THREADS’ exclusive “Inner Circle” analysis which takes one target’s phone records and automatically derives their core inner group of associates based on the timing and sequencing of the calls.

For this case, over 75,000 phone records were imported into THREADS™ and in less than fifteen minutes, the FBI agent had his “hot” lead to re-open the cold case.
Cold Case Research Institute (CCRI) Chooses THREADS™
The Cold Case Research Institute in Atlanta uses THREADS as its central case management and analysis tool. CCRI, based out of Bauder College, has worked many high-profile cold cases including the "Natalie Holloway" and "Chandra Levy" cases. CCRI works in conjunction with CNN to bring light and resolution to cold cases around the U.S.

Sheryl McCollum, CCRI Director, praises THREADS™ as a natural tool for solving cold cases: "THREADS™ is an effective piece of technology that will not only assist in our cold case research ... but will set a standard for our students as they pursue a career in law enforcement."
Fast Results
Quote... we are able to ... find direct links between suspects and their co-conspirators.Quote
Det. James Gill
Investigative Services Team
Baltimore County Police Department
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