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Avoid Dead-Ends
Police wait 6 Months for Analysis – THREADS™ Provides in One Day
At a dead-end in a homicide case, a Central Florida police department was looking for new leads to keep the investigation active. They had subpoenaed several suspects’ cell phone records on the case and sent this data to a DOJ federal agency field office for their assistance. Six months passed without useful analysis from the field office. Then THREADS™ was introduced to the police department. The phone records were quickly processed in THREADS™ and revealed several significant associations and focused leads in the case. The case investigator was amazed at the ease of use and the utility of the leads that THREADS provided.

The entire investigative staff at this police department (13 detectives and analysts) now uses THREADS™ in their day-to-day case management and analysis.
Fast Leads
Get Productive Leads Fast
  • Get co-conspirator names from single set of phone records
  • Match behavior changes to incidents
  • Find associations through common locations
What Others Say
Quote[THREADS™] has been the best acquisition our investigators can now employ ...Quote
Det. Sergeant Joe Branham
Drug Enforcement Division
Maryland State Police
Whats New?
Kimberly-Clark purchases THREADS™ for internal investigations, extending the range of THREADS™ markets to include the private sector.
New Market
November 01, 2008