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Powerful Linkage Charts
Linkage Chart
THREADS™ provides exclusive linkage chart capabilties. View all links between any two people, places, or objects. Information Cross Reference charts let you "explode" out to the next level. See all linkages in a single case, or across cases.
Interactive Timelines
THREADS™ has the most advanced timeline charting capabilties available. Multiple views let you add, delete, or change any event on the fly, and give you multiple presentation options.
Timeline Chart
High-Utility Reports
THREADS Exclusive
THREADS™ includes unique report formats to visualize complex information in easy-to-understand ways. Scatter diagrams give you trending information and many reports include "Plain English" narratives to provide clear understanding of analysis results.
Linkage Charts
  • Live Layout™
  • User-selected linkage levels
  • Full pan, zoom, rubberband, and edit capability
  • Real-time searching
  • User control over types of linkages to include
  • New export tool for I2 Analyst's Notebook
  • View interactive associations with hot links back to source records
  • Dynamic timescale
  • Add, edit, or delete objects
  • Multiple views
  • Real-time searching
  • Graph or table output
  • Auto-decluttering of busy timeline
  • User control of types of events to include
  • Advanced import/export
  • Advanced printing functionality