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Easy to Use
THREADS™ is intuitive in its design. It guides you through the process of collecting intelligence, running analysis, and getting report outputs. On-screen help and videos get new users productive quickly.
Web-Like Navigation
If you can surf the internet, you can use THREADS™. Hot links make it easy to jump from a vehicle to its owner and to all activities in which the owner was involved. You don't have to hunt around for special keystrokes or hidden menu items.
Home Screen
Pen Drive
Quick Access to Source Documents
Supporting documents (photos, surveillance videos, audio clips, sales receipts, email documents, etc.) can be attached to any record and easily accessed. Additionally, THREADS™ provides a proprietary technique, Discovery Drive™, to automatically provide a packaged set of documents for prosecution or discovery.
  • Power Search finds anything in the system, fast
  • Web-like experience
  • Quickly find associated information
  • Multiple ways to navigate
  • Context-sensitive toolbar
  • "Open Screens" allows quick navigation
  • Easy access to Help screens
  • "How-To" videos built into THREADS™
100% Customer Satisfaction
Every one of our cutomers have found THREADS™ to be a powerful lead generation tool.

To hear from one of our satisfied customers how THREADS™ is being used to make cases, contact us.