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Inmate Phone Analysis
Linkage Analysis
A "Pointer" System
"Not enough personnel to monitor all your inmate calls?"
THREADS™ is a pointer system - identifying calls and callers of interest using only your prison phone data. Identifies an inmate of interest even if his calls are masked by another inmates PIN. Uncovers witness tampering, pinpoints outside criminal organizations being run from prison and indentifies individuals in the community facilitating calls between inmates.
Collaboration with Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies , a leader in inmate phone service, has exclusively teamed with the designers of THREADS™ to provide the most comprehensive call analytics tool available in the Corrections market.
Cell Phone
Large CA Prison using THREADS™
In a Northern California facility with over 125 phones and almost 2.5 million inmate calls annually, THREADS™ is being used sucessfully to provide focused analysis that reveals calls and callers of interest. Only one analyst is required to accomplish all of this work. Contact Us for a reference.
Key Features
  • Use all the powerful Call Analysis available in THREADS™
  • Identify communication between inmates from different areas in the correctional institution
  • Alerts to potential fraternization between inmates and correction personnel
  • Identifies witness or judicial tampering, consorts with known felons
  • Visualize analysis with linkage charts and timelines
Proven Effective
QuoteFinally a product to analyze my cell forensic data ...Quote
Det. Sergeant Joe Branham
Drug Enforcement Division
Maryland State Police