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Call Analysis
Showing You What You Don't Know
Contact Analysis
THREADS™ Call Analysis uses a proprietary technique called "temporal analysis" to provide intelligence from communications (cell phone, email, text messages). And unlike "conventional analysis" you find with current products in the market, THREADS™ Call Analysis tells you what you don't already know, generating high-probability, focused leads.
Gangs, Narcotics, Terrorist Cells
THREADS™ is able to determine the organizational structures of gangs, narcotics groups, and terrorist cells. With only one suspect's phone records, THREADS™ will provide an inner circle with 75 to 80% accuracy.

Get insights into the pecking order within groups, highlight phone swaps, and find possible informant candidates.
Inner Circle
Unique Features in THREADS™
THREADS Exclusive
THREADS™ Call Analysis gives you these exclusive advantages:
  • Find who's calling the same numbers (concurrently or close time proximity)
  • Find rapid succession of pattern calls
  • Identify evidence of throw-away phone usage
  • Uncover calling patterns within an organization
  • See who is handing out phones for others to use
  • Highlight communications between two groups
Additional Features
Fast Results
Quote... we are able to ... find direct links between suspects and their co-conspirators.Quote
Det. James Gill
Investigative Services Team
Baltimore County Police Department