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Cell Forensics
Linkage Analysis
Cell Forensics Analysis
"I downloaded the cell forensic data - now what?"
THREADS™ provides mobile forensics analysis like no other investigative tool in the market. Auto-link targets together based on mutual contacts, phone and text messages, or a shared IMSI/ESN. Reveal patterns and correlations in all captured communication (phone, SMS and emails). Powerful searching of all SMS, phone numbers, contacts and email content.
Automated Import Tools
THREADS™ quickly imports Phonebooks, CDRs (Outgoing, Incoming, Missed), SMS messages (including text), IMEI/IMSI, Photos, Video, Audio and anything else that your forensic tool captures. Directly imports from Cellebrite UFED, SecureView, .XRY / XACT, Blackberry IPD and many other tools not listed.
Cell Phone
Analyzing cell phone forensics just became easier with the completion of an automated importer for the Cellebrite UFED. The UFED system supports 95% of all cellular phones in the market today and is a leading tool in the mobile forensics industry.
Key Features
  • Use all the powerful Call Analysis available in THREADS™
  • Correlation analysis - IMEI, IMSI, phone numbers, cross-case
  • Full cell phone export of all cell forensics source documents in html format
  • Blackberry™ forensics IPD import/analysis
  • Uncover SIM Card swapping (IMSI)
  • Visualize forensics with linkage charts and timelines
  • Advanced matching techniques produces accurate analysis
  • Contact our Forensics expert for more info
Proven Effective
QuoteFinally a product to analyze my cell forensic data ...Quote
Det. Sergeant Joe Branham
Drug Enforcement Division
Maryland State Police