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Case Management
Lead Tracking
Comprehensive Lead Tracking
Track all leads, tips, and assignments in an easy-to-read log that provides a complete case history. New investigators assigned to the case can easily review what has been done with the case and why.
Prosecution Package Made Easy
When it's time to prosecute, the exclusive Discovery Drive™ in THREADS™ makes it easy to package all evidentiary source documents (surveillance photos, interview audio clips, etc.) for prosecution or discovery. With a push of a button, all files of interest are indexed with hot links and sorted by key words.
Pen Drive
Linkage Chart
Manage All Ops/Target Intel
Track subjects, organizations, vehicles, and locations. Document searches, seizures, surveillances, incidents, and events as they occur. Then analyze relationships and events, focused on one target or an entire case. Log all asset and forfeiture status.
Additional Features
  • Work across multiple cases
  • Case security allows for limited access
  • Transfer entire cases between agencies
  • Report out everything in a case
  • Fully relational database
  • Internet-style user interface
Proven Effective
QuoteWhat used to take hours can now be done in minutes.Quote
Sheriff Jon Hebert
Carroll County Sheriff's Office