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Welcome to the Download Center.

THREADS™ Installations
THREADS™ Single-User Installation (version 1.5.8)416.18 MB
This is a standalone installation. This will install THREADS™ as well as Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008®. This installation is useful for those who will not be sharing their data with other users. This installation includes an empty THREADS™ database.
THREADS™ Multi-User Installation (Workstation) (version 1.5.8)416.18 MB
This will install the THREADS™ workstation component only. The THREADS™ database must be installed separately. This installation is useful for those who need to share their data with other users.
THREADS™ Database Installer/UpdaterN/A
This will install or update your THREADS™ database. This installation requires that Microsoft SQL Server 2005® already be installed. To download the free version (with limitations) please use the link provided in the "Additional Files" section of the Download Denter.
THREADS™ Utilities
Graphics Viewer (version 2.1.2)N/A
This is a free utility that will let you view files created by the THREADS™ graphics engine. If THREADS™ is already installed this free viewer will automatically activate and allow you to create, modify, and view Direct Hit™ graphics files.
Additional Files
THREADS™ Demo Database (version 1.3.1)N/A
This file is a pre-populated, demo database that can be used with THREADS™. This download is useful if you want to test THREADS™ without having to populate the database yourself.
THREADS™ Phone Parser Data2.88 MB
This file contains all the location-based phone information required to parse phone numbers in THREADS™. See the THREADS™ user-manual for instructions on how to install this file.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express®N/A
This is Microsoft's® free version of SQL Server 2005®. SQL Server 2005 Express® has limitations such as a maximum database size of 4 gigabytes. To view all limitations click here
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Management Studio®N/A
This is a free utility that will let you connect and view your raw database tables. This is only suggested for IT Professionals.